We're super happy to announce that Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel will be part of Embrace Norway again! There will be two workshops. You can register as a single dancer!

In your arms (Saturday 1100–1330)

All about the Abrazo. This class focusses on the quality and intensity of the embrace in function of movement and pauses. It‘s about what you can give and expect to receive. Depending on the time and needs of the group, it also introduces a small, subtle movement that you can do without moving much on the dancefloor and that underlines our principles of a close, but breathing embrace. A workshop for connoisseurs. 

Powerful musicality (Sunday 1100–1330)

Both partners share in the creation of this wonderful dance and should therefore know the music as well as the possibilities of expressing it. In this class, we are going to explore the intricacies of a classical tango that offers a wide range of musical variation. Our goal is to create energy and diversity in our dance by using contrasting movements, a wide range of rhythms and different step dynamics. A challenging workshop that will break up quite a few old habits!

About the teachers 

Melina and Detlef are since 2001 teaching social tango in a close embrace all over Europe and the USA. Their focus is on musicality, communication and improvisation. Through their dedication as teachers and organisers they have helped shape social tango significantly and their students are amongst the most sought-after partners at milongas and encuentros.

In 2013 they began training teachers and in 2015 produced an instructional book + film that is considered as standard for everyone who wants to dance tango with sense and sensibility.
Melina is a double role dancer and in 2023 she organised the first double role encuentro Dos Corazones together with Detlef and the Tangokombinat.

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Method and classes:

In their classes, Detlef and Melina explore the foundations of movement in order to develop a better connection to one’s own body, the partner and the music. Even the most advanced dancers will gain valuable insights in the intricacies of this wonderful dance instead of just learning more complex figures.

Detlef and Melina have been using role-change as a means to understand this wonderful dance better for many years. This is why you can register as a single dancer for all classes. Partners and roles will be switched in regular intervals.


Melina & Detlef. Photo ©Thorsten Janes.