We're super happy to announce that Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel will be teaching at Embrace Norway again! Here's what Melina and Detlef say about this year's workshops:

Vals - Flow, Pause and Rhythm (Saturday 3 hours)

Vals music is often underestimated because it seems so easy to dance to. But the music offers us manifold rhythmic possibilities as well as moments of calmness or those phrases when we want to fly over the dancefloor. We will examine these contrasts in some carefully choses valses and integrate the ideas in the caminar and - if time allows for it - an example movement.

Same but different / One Tango - Three Orchestras (Sunday 3 hours)

(Music workshop - no partner required!)

Our favourite workshop will help you to distinct different styles and important characteristics of tango music. We will examine one tango very deeply, get to know its history, structure, rhythmical variations and instrumentation in versions by three major tango orchestras. This exciting class will enhance your musical understanding and bring new insights even for advanced dancers. You do not need a partner: we will listen to music, discuss, move alone. There will be practical advise for the dance that you can try out with a partner - but musical expression begins in your own mind and body.


Melina and Detlef will also give privatandas. A privatanda is a private lesson that lasts one tanda (ca 12 minutes). You pre-book your privatanda either with Detlef or Melina. You dance one tanda together with your privatanda teacher, and get a short feedback. You can choose what you want to work on, or you can let your privatanda teacher decide what to give feedback on.

About Melina and Detlef

Focusing on base technique, embrace, musicality and the social aspects of tango, Melina and Detlef have become a well-known and respected teacher couple in Europe. They have also published an instructional book with DVD: Caminar Abrazados - Tango is walking in an embrace. The book addresses very thoroughly the technique concepts that Melina and Detlef have been developing during their career. They also talk about musicality and their thoughts on social tango.

Read more about the book here.

Read more about Melina and Detlef at their website:

Photo ©Thorsten Janes

Photo ©Thorsten Janes