Birger Haugdal, Norway

Photo: Evgeny Romanov

Birger about his DJing: "I'm the veteran amongst Norwegian DJs, with more than ten years of International experience. I describe my DJ style as harmonic, but I then also play with more contrast when that feels right. For me it’s an important thing to play inspiring and varied music for dancers who prefer traditional tango. Like many other dancers and DJs, golden age music is closest to me."

Melina Sedó, Germany

Melina about her DJing: "Melina has been DJing (and greatly enjoying it) since 2004 at local milongas as well as international festivals, encuentros and festivalitos. She also gives DJ-seminars and constantly develops her understanding of tango music and history.
In a milonga, Melina presents classical tango music, mostly from the 30s and 40s with excursions into the late 20s or 50s. She is constantly striving for the perfect harmony of rhythmical and lyrical tandas, spiced with an appropriate amount of drama. These three main styles have to blend amicably into each other without creating harsh contrasts. Her favourite orchestras are Di Sarli, Biagi and Canaro. But there must nevertheless be diversity to assure that the different moods and personalities of the dancers at an event will be reflected. This why she will see to it, that all the important tango orchestras get their appropriate space. The happy faces of the dancers attest to the success of her method."

 Trud Antzée, Norway

Photo: Espen Gees

Trud about her DJing: "Trud has been DJing in Norway and abroad since 2013. Her selection is mostly from the Golden Age, with some tandas from the 1950s and early 1930s in between. She makes her choices depending on the dynamic in the room, so she always finds it exciting to see what happens during a set! Her favourite orchestras are first and foremost D’Arienzo, Troilo, and Pugliese."

Alexander Palchikovskiy, Ukraine

Alexander about his DJing: "As a DJ, I feel like a person responsible for the fireplace on a cold evening. People gather around, and they need some warmth. My task is to make them feel happy, cozy and comfortable. So at first I need to make a fire, then keep it burning all night long, and control its intensity, depending on the needs of people around. The "wood" that I use is Golden Age music, but as it is with a real fire, there are more and less suitable types of it for each moment. I have 9 years of experience in DJing in many European countries. My favourite orquesta is Anibal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino."

Bärbel Rücker, UK

Bärbel about her DJing: "In 1997 I fell in love with Argentine Tango, danced my socks off and started teaching. In 2008 tango friends talked me into DJing at the Copenhagen Tango Festival and the rest is history. Since then I am spreading the magic of traditional tango music as Tango DJ Bärbel Rücker in Europe. I love watching the dancers and seeing them connecting with each other and the music makes every single set unique. Over the years I have been creating moving experiences in more than 600 milongas, Tango marathons, Tango festivals, Festivalitos and Encuentros. You find more about my work as Tango teacher, DJ and Feldenkrais practitioner on my website"