About Embrace Norway

Embrace Norway is an encuentro that takes place at Lillehammer. We mix the best ingredients of social tango: a few codes, role balance, mixed seating, a social space for relaxation and great music. Our goal for this tango recipe is for everybody to be included and having a wonderful time. We welcome you to join us and enjoy dancing in close embrace during the long bright summer nights of Norway.

Embrace Norway V will take place 1-3 July 2022.

The Team 

Sissel Berg is the origin behind Embrace Norway. After attending her first encuentro, she fell in love. Sissel then asked Ketil and Trud if they wanted to join her in making her dream of a Norwegian encuentro become a reality. Together, they created three editions of Embrace Norway before taking a break.In 2019, Sissel arranged the fourth edition together with Per Steinar Kjørstad. He has travelled to encuentros in many European countries and loves the traditional music and the soft milonguero-dance style. Siri Fikstvedt and Tor Pedersen have later joined the team. They are also experienced dancers, love the close embrace and contribute to lower the team’s average age.