The team

The Embrace Norway team 2020 

Sissel Berg is one of the driving forces in the local tango association Tango Banco at Lillehammer, but she also travels as often as she can for tango. When Sissel went to her first encuentro, she fell in love. A few years ago, Sissel asked Ketil and Trud if they wanted to join her in making her dream of a Norwegian encuentro become a reality. Together, they created three editions of Embrace Norway before taking a break.

Last year, Sissel arranged the fourth edition together with Per Steinar Kjørstad. Per Steinar is also a member of Tango Banco. He has travelled to encuentros in many European countries and loves the traditional music and the soft milonguero-dance style.

Siri Fikstvedt and Tor Pedersen were volunteers and participants last year, and they are now part of the team.