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About Embrace Norway:
Embrace Norway takes place on Lillehammer, 1-3 July 2022, provided the Covid-19 situation allows it. We'll be organising it for the fifth time in 2022. We mix the best ingredients of social tango: a few codes, role balance, mixed seating, a social room layout, and great music. We have created the recipe of a tango weekend where we hope everybody will feel included and can have a good time.

Questions & answers:

Q: What is an encuentro or festivalito milonguero?
A: Typically, this kind of event has codes, traditional music, close embrace dancing without high boleos and similar. Some encuentros have separate seating for men and women. We have mixed seating at Embrace Norway.

Q: Why codes?
A: Codes ("códigos" in Spanish) are guidelines that organisers choose for their milonga or event. We have picked the codes we think serve as collective ideas that can take care of people and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Q: What does it cost in 2020? NB prices may be updated for the 2022 edition!
A: Milongapass Nok 1050,-
Workshop Nok 500,- (3 hours)
Privatanda 15 Euro (15 min)
Pizza Sunday afterparty Nok 80,- (starts ca. at 20:15)